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Italian language and culture

Promoting the Italian language abroad is one of Italy’s principal instruments and a key priority in its foreign policy.

In fact, knowing the Italian language is, broadly speaking, the key to getting acquainted with our culture and to better understanding the dynamics of the “Italian Lifestyle”. An analysis of the data on the diffusion of the Italian language in the world shows that more than two million foreigners choose to study our language in an effort to approach our extremely rich artistic heritage and wealth of creativity.

At the Joint Action for the Italian Language 2014 we presented the first complete survey on the teaching of Italian abroad. During the past few years, we have improved data collection methods, which are essential to planning the strategy whereby to promote the Italian language. Having an exhaustive survey on the spread of the Italian language means having an instrument through which to better target the cultural activities of the network of diplomatic and consular offices and Italian Cultural Institutes.

During the past few years, the strong link that exists between the Italian language and Made-in-Italy products has become increasingly evident. Italian is in fact the second most used language on commercial signboards worldwide, also in economic sectors other than the traditional ones, which is proof that Italian is well-liked also because, in the collective imagination, it is associated to our Country’s many products of excellence.