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14 October 2019
Visa request outsourcer change notice

We kindly inform you that starting from October 16th 2019 italian and Schengen visa requests shall be submitted to the new outsourcer VFS. Visa request procedures will not be subjected to any variation. VFS is a service provider, managed by a private company, authorized by the Consulate to receive visa applications. The management, the evaluation […]

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8 October 2019
Sommelier course: “The Italian Way of Wine”

Are you interested in an unique experience to immerse yourself in the world of Italian wine? The first Advanced training course about Italian wine is about to start! The enrollment to the course if officially open. It follows a multidisciplinary approach through diverse and innovative didactic activities, such as virtual tours. It will be set […]

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6 December 2017
Announcement on Worldwide Solicitation of Overall Design Concept Plan for the Construction of Unicorn Island Project

I. Requirements on submission of application materials: 1. If the applicant is a domestic agency, it needs to submit the Business License of Corporate Legal Person, the qualification certificate, the authorization letter entrusted by the legal person and the ID card of the entrusted agent, the company profile, the brief introduction to the main designer […]

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