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COVID-19. Ministry of Foreign Affairs at work to provide correct information abroad.

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The response of the Italian Government to tackle epidemiological emergency from COVID-19 has been timely, as also acknowledged by the WHO and the EU and it has been mainly based on maximum transparency and clarity towards the national community and international partners. We are also working with our neighbours to develop harmonised protocols and shared lines of action on controls on people entering their respective countries. We are witnessing a worrying proliferation of inaccurate and alarming news, in some cases fake news, about the health situation in our country that does not reflect the reality of a contagion phenomenon that remains significantly limited to certain small and delimited areas within a few regions.

Yesterday the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued the first daily report addressed to the entire Italian diplomatic-consular network. Embassies and Consulates can then transmit correct and transparent information all over the world regarding the real impact of the Coronavirus in Italy, with accurate data and well-defined locations currently monitored.

The work of our country is and will remain characterised by maximum transparency towards the international community. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is maximising its efforts to fight the dissemination of misleading and inaccurate messages and information. Such information may influence the decisions of our partners’ health authorities concerning the travel and work programs of their citizens in areas of our country, only marginally and indirectly affected by the infection, and with a minimal and isolated number of diseases.


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