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Italy: did you know that…? – Green Economy

Did you know that Italy is the leading country in the European Union in the use of renewable energies? And did you know that our Country is the world’s largest superyacht manufacturer? And that 65% of the world’s cosmetics are produced in Italy?

In the next few weeks you’ll discover many other little-known facts about Italy, which will be published in a new section of the social media channels of the Consulate General of Italy in Chongqing: “Italy: did you know that…?

Our first post focuses on green economy, one of the key sectors for Made in Italy.

Thanks to our Government’s range of favorable policies, today our Country ranks first in the EU in terms of consumption of renewable energy (18.3%), followed by Spain (17.5%), France (16.3%), Germany (15.5%) and the United Kingdom (10.2%).

Italy’s leading position in this field was also made possible by the fact that, in the last 5 years, at least one out of three Italian manufacturing companies have invested in green products and technologies.

Moreover, around 15% of positions in the Italian job market are linked to the green economy sector.


Remarks from the Ambassador of Italy to China, H.E. Mr. Luca Ferrari

To understand the importance that Italy attaches to the green economy it must be said that, first and foremost, Italy sincerely believes that all countries should unite to fight climate change, greenhouse gases, carbon emissions and pollution in general. In 2020-2021 Italy will co-preside with the United Kingdom the “26th UN Climate Change Conference” (COP26). Italy will also have the Presidency of the G20. In both arenas, Italy will focus on themes such as energy transition, renewables and the link between energy and climate.

As one of the G7 countries, Italy is a leader in the green economy. All the main Italian energy companies, such as ENI, SNAM, ENEL, have already converted most of their activities to the green economy, reaching the highest standards and building top-notch energy plants in all continents, from South America to Asia.

Engineering, innovation and R&D standards are all key factors in the green economy. All factors in which Italian companies excel. The Italian public sector in China (the Embassy and its Consulates, the Italian Trade Agency, SACE – the Italian Export Credit Agency) are all committed to bolster the Italian companies operating in the green economy in China and Asia. To this aim, we are in constant dialogue with the relevant Chinese public agencies and commercial companies.


According to Dr. Gianpaolo Bruno, Director of Italian Trade Agency – Beijing Office, “When it comes to Green Economy, Italy is one of the most advanced and competitive Countries in the world, a country that invests in research and development and that enjoys a strong support by its government. In recent years, Italy has experienced an extraordinary growth in all those fields connected with the protection of the environment and became a leading country thanks to its efforts in reducing carbon emissions, installing water purifiers and promoting recycling programs. For these reasons and more, Italian companies could be the ideal partners for China in encouraging a sustainable development”.

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