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意大利国家旅游局官方小程序正式上线——意大利主流景点一网打尽 The Italian Tourism Board launches a WeChat mini-program to promote the main Italian destinations

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北京时间2022年1月28日起,由意大利国家旅游局 ENIT 创建的以展示意大利的艺术地区和城市的小程序在 2022 年农历新年之际公开发布。小程序将以数字形式展现意大利的非凡魅力,旅游爱好者可以在其中虚拟游览意大利,构建自己的理想虚拟行程,并提供意大利地区和城市艺术提供的交流材料和信息。






A Wechat miniprogram to give visibility to the Italian regions and cities of art was created by ENIT, the Italian National Tourism Agency and publicly launched on the occasion of the Chinese New Year 2022.
The miniprogram represents a virtual showcase where travel enthusiasts can virtually visit Italy, build their own ideal virtual itinerary and presents the communication materials and information provided by the Italian regions and cities of art.


The miniprogram is a virtual map of Italy and aggregates the contents provided by the Italian regions participating in the project, offering travel itineraries, points of interest, videos promotional, information on destinations.
The main Italian points of interest are also presented, divided into five sections: art and culture, food and beverage, outdoor activities, nature and shopping.


The miniprogram is constantly updated with new contents and it can be found on Wechat by typing “ENIT意大利国家旅游局” in the Wechat search, or it can be accessed from the ENIT Wechat official account.



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