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意大利的创造性是…Italian Creativity is…

意大利是…? Italy is…

Italy is passion and style, heritage and diversity, innovation and creativity.

意大利是… 意大利是激情和风格、传统和多样性、创新和创造力。

But there’s so much more to it. It is about making exceptional things: curiosity and dedication, bravery and imagination, expertise and precision…


It is our brand, cool and unique: Italy is simply extraordinary. Be it.

这是我们的品牌,酷而独特:意大利是简单又非凡的。Be IT。


意大利的创造性是…Italian Creativity is…



Italy’s creativity and ingenuity is the crux of its success in design and manufacturing and the backbone of the Made in Italy brand. Through its famous creative minds in the sectors of art, history, culture and science, Italians have left an indelible mark on the world and continue to do so.


从制作穆拉诺玻璃和浮雕珠宝等从事古老传统工艺的工匠们,到世界级摩托车的高科技工程,意大利手工艺是一直是卓越的代名词。意大利的创造力还体现在其烹饪文化中,从世界闻名的披萨、意大利面和冰淇淋,到 DOP级食品和 DOCG级葡萄酒的复杂生产工艺。

From artisans who practice age-old traditions such as Murano glass and cameo jewellery, to the high-tech engineering of its world-class motorbikes, Italian craftsmanship is synonymous with excellence. Italy’s creativity is also demonstrated in its culinary culture, from its world-renowned pizza, pasta, and gelato to the intricate processes of DOP food products and DOCG wines.



It is the skill and creativity which is handed down over generations that gives Italian brands unique value. Be captivated by Italian creativity. Imagine it.

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